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All materials will be posted here shortly after the event, so if you forgot to take notes or couldn’t attend, you can watch recordings of the webinars and download the presentations.

Growth Academy September 2020: How to get your startup funded

This webinar was held in English

Funding is an essential part of any startups journey, but where do you start? In this webinar Markus Myhrberg and Invesdor’s CEO, Lasse Mäkelä, discuss funding in general and how startups can get funded, to be able to scale.

Invesdor is a digital investment service company which offers an online platform where retail and institutional investors can invest in unlisted European growth companies seeking funding. Invesdor has a new funding instrument, Convertible bonds, which will be discussed furthers, as more and more companies are utilizing such instruments for early stage funding.

If you are a startup or scaleup looking for funding, this is THE webinar to watch!

Growth Academy August 2020: Why your startup needs a shareholders’ agreement

This webinar was held in English

Shareholders’ agreements are a way of preparing for an unpredictable future. Starting a new business is exciting but it’s also important to be realistic regarding the future of your business and what problems you may face. Maria Storey and Juuso Turtiainen will be discussing the importance of a good shareholders agreement and the most common pitfalls that startups face.

If the drafting or revision of a shareholder agreement is relevant for your company now or will become relevant in the future, this is the webinar to watch!

Growth Academy June 2020: Lease or not to lease?

This webinar was held in Finnish

Renting for commercial property feels like, and it is, a major commitment. Our leasing of residential and commercial properties expert Annika Luhtanen walks you through the basics of leasing a commercial office space. Annika will go through the key questions to ask, key clauses to look out for and what to consider before signing the lease agreement.

In addition to Annika’s presentation, you can watch a discussion on the future of leasing commercial office space with Jussi Söderlund, CCO of Innovation House Finland and co-founder of HUONE Events Hotel. Our aim is to give you insight on the future of office culture. Will coronavirus change working culture for good? Or will it emphasize the meaning of working together and exchanging ideas on the spot – without having to ask: “can you hear me?”

If leasing a commercial space is relevant for your company now or will become relevant in the future, this is the webinar to watch!

Growth Academy April 2020: EU’s New ePrivacy Regulation

This webinar was held in Finnish

Markus Myhrberg and Ville Kukkonen help you make sense of the EU’s new ePrivacy regulation, which is no joke. The regulation will have consequences especially for advertisers but in addition to every European based companies which use cookies on its website or send direct marketing.

Are you ready for the coming changes? Do you have user consent for direct marketing?

We’ll go through the current regulations, recent court cases and give the latest recommendations what to do. You’ll get hints for the cookie policy mess and updated information about the direct electronic marketing rules.