We provide multiple ways to help your growth. As a registered member, you gain free access to the following services:

We understand that legal matters may seem tricky or raise questions when starting up or expanding your business. If you are troubled with the covid-19 pandemic and its effects on your business or have something else on your mind, we are here to help you. To bring peace of mind, we offer a free helpdesk service for all registered members.


If you attended our event but forgot to take notes, you don’t need to worry! Materials used in our trainings and events, including Growth Academies, will be posted on the material bank, so you can take a look at them even after the event.

 The following services are offered as a part of our on-going service model. To become a client, contact us at to get started.

Consultation service

The consultation service is aimed to help you with more complex matters that cannot be assessed properly through the helpdesk service. 

Each consultation is agreed upon separately. To consult with our experts, contact us to discuss the details. 


As our client, you gain access to Lexia’s templates to help you draft necessary contracts and other company documents you need during different phases of your company’s growth.


GROWPOLIS™ lays out each step in the process for you, making it easy to stay focused and on track. It also helps you keep everyone on your team informed and up to date in real-time. And since most enterprises can’t do it alone, Growpolis provides access to the advisers, service providers, and investors you need to take your business to the next level.