Congrats to the winners of FGA!

FGA held virtually this year

This year, the Finnish Game Awards (FGA) were held virtually. We have hosted FGA’s pre-parties for several years and we really missed all our friends, but we hope to see you next year!

During the digital event nine awards and accolades were given out – Congratulations to Remedy Entertainment Plc, Resistance Games, Frozenbyte Oy, Cornfox & Bros., Improx Games and all the other winners!

The Finnish Game Awards also saw the unveiling of the Pelimetsä Project. The Finnish game industry is committed to the UN’s sustainable development goals, and the Pelimetsä Project has already raised nearly 500 000 euros to protect biodiversity in Finland. These donations have been used to conserve more than 130 hectares (over 320 acres) of Finnish old-growth forest. The project, which was set in motion by people within the industry, is set to continue in the coming years under the guidance of the Finnish Game Developers’ Association. Awesome work, gamers!

See you (hopefully) next year at our FGA pre-party!