Business Finland offers innovation vouchers for SMEs with a new product or service idea that has potential to grow internationally. You are able to apply for innovation voucher starting from January 24, 2024.

The Innovation Voucher, tailored for small businesses under 5 years old, is intended to provide support for international expansion through innovative new product or service development. With a grant amount now at 4,500 euros and a self-financing portion of 1,500 euros, the program encourages research and development activities. Starting January 24, 2024, applications can be submitted under new conditions, with funding allocated for expert services including applicability surveys and intellectual property-related issues. The one-time issuance emphasizes the program’s singular support, while discretionary funding ensures adaptability to diverse business needs. The voucher can only be issued once to your company.

 For application details, requirements, and funding guidelines, visit the link below.

There are also other funding options available as well.

More information and references:

Innovation voucher

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