New Business Finland funding options are available!

Business Finland offers innovation vouchers for SMEs with a new product or service idea that has potential to grow internationally. There are also other funding options available as well.

Innovation voucher

Innovation voucher is intended for SMEs that have a new product or service idea that has the potential for international growth and that the company needs external expertise to take forward. The funding can be used for example for applicability surveys and expert statements related to innovation activities and IPR-related issues. The amount of the grant is 6,000 euros and 100 % of the value-added tax-free amount of the purchased services. The amount will be spent to buy services from one or several service providers. The voucher can only be issued once.


This funding option is intended to companies which are less than five years old and have a new product or service idea. This is project-based funding, and it will help the company growth on international markets. The project costs could consist of, for example, the development of management, practices, and the organisations to support international growth. Also, IPR and patent analyses etc. The Tempo funding is max 60.000 EUR. Business Finland pays 75 % of project costs that can be at most 80.000 EUR. Under certain conditions, it may also be possible to receive another Tempo funding.


This option is suitable for SMEs and midcap companies that are planning international growth with innovative product, service, or business model. Talent funding is 20.000-50.000 EUR. Business Finland pays 50 % of projects costs that can be 40.000-100.000 EUR. Funding can be used to accelerate the renewal of the working, organizational, and management practices of companies that are branching out to international markets. Talent funding should be applied before March 31, 2023.

Group Explorer

Group explorer is funding service aimed to groups of companies to explore significant joint business opportunities in international markets. The group must include a minimum of four mutually independent companies and at least half of the group must consist of SMEs. Companies can use funding for example getting to know new operators, gathering information and discussing the terms of cooperation, drafting model agreements and networking with important partners and influencers. The funding is 50 % of costs for SMEs and 40 % of costs for midcap and large companies. The recommend maximum duration of a Group Explorer project is a year.

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