List of Services

The early stages of a startup are busy and challenging – legal issues are not always taken care of. However, for the sake of your business’ future, you need to ensure that it has a firm legal basis. Only then you can avoid unnecessary risks and focus your resources on business development.

We provide tailored services for startups to match your legal needs.

Our result-oriented approach enables cost-predictability and can opt for fixed-price service package. 

We offer services from establishment to exit

Establishing a company

Establishing a business can be easy – let us cover all the legal matters while you can focus on your success.

Drawing up company documents

From articles of association to shareholders’ agreement, we help you to draft all the documents you need.

Financing rounds

You will benefit from our extensive experience when negotiating with venture capital investors.

Incentive systems

Designing an effective incentive system can support your business by boosting motivation and improving performance.

Privacy policy

Data protection is as important to us as it is to your business. We have long-term experience in matters related to data protection, and our services cover all aspects of data protection regulation.


Don’t forget to protect your intellectual property! With our help, you can increase the value of your non-tangible assets.

Employment and management contracts

Possible breaches of contract should be anticipated when drafting the contract. A precisely drawn up, unambiguous contract reduces differences in interpretation.

Advice for local & international distribution

Whether you are making your market entry or wanting to expand your business abroad, we are here to help.


You should start planning your exit strategy well ahead as it usually interests potential investors. There are several exit strategies to choose from, and we can assist you in picking the best option for you.