Lexia Growth offers a Helpdesk for the Growth members.

You can send questions about any legal issues regarding startups and growth companies, from e.g. drafting documents, IP matters to company management and financing.

We always aim to come back as soon as possible (normally anyway in 24 hours). If we need more information in order to answer your enquiry, we will let you know. After we have assessed the question we will email the answer to you.

The questions will be assessed separately whether the answer can be provided through the helpdesk service. If the matter requires a more thorough examination or extensive legal work, review of documents or assessing several follow-up questions, we will let you know and also provide you with a quote for the service should you wish to proceed.

In any case you can also contact us directly

Please note that the questions and answers may be published on the FAQ section, which is accessible to anyone visiting the Lexia Growth website. Before publication, the questions and answers will be anonymized so that the questioner or other company related details cannot be identified.