Tampere-based Klingendahl Merges with Lexia – Strong Focus on Business-Centric Law Services

Lexia merges with Klingendahl

Lexia Attorneys merges with Klingendahl Attorneys. The merger will bring about a modern and international law practice that focuses on achieving clients’ business goals with rock-hard professionalism and a relaxed service attitude, catering to companies in the Tampere region. The merger also strengthens Lexia’s presence in the Tampere startup scene.

Lexia aims to grow with its clients and multiply current business in Pirkanmaa over the next few years. Klingendahl merges with Lexia April 1, 2021. With the merger, four Klingendahl employees will join Lexia.  Kari Koskinen, Managing Director of Klingendahl, and Lauri Oja, Attorney, have been invited to join as partners.  

“Lexia’s expansion to Pirkanmaa is a strategic move for us, and it has also been a request from our clients. Tampere region has several interesting companies, operating both in Finland and abroad, which require business supporting legal expertise and extensive international networks to grow further,” says Lexia’s CEO, Attorney Samuli Koskela.

“Lexia’s philosophy on business- and results-oriented jurisprudence fits well with Klingendahl’s approach. Now, as a part of Lexia, we can offer comprehensive legal services, both in Finland and abroad, to companies in Pirkanmaa,” says the Managing Director of Klingendahl, Kari Koskinen. Kari Koskinen will join Lexia as a partner.

The regulatory environment for companies is changing and becoming increasingly complex. Global markets, international financial and corporate arrangements, changes in labor law, crises in the business operating environment, and the platform economy impose new obligations on companies. Changes also bring limitless opportunities. The changing world needs new ways of operating and new networks that Lexia is constantly developing to help its clients better and more efficiently. 

“Klingendahl has its roots deep in the soil of Tampere. In the future, we will have broader shoulders, global networks, and a flexible service model, through which we can serve our clients in a more well-rounded and efficient manner,” says Kari Koskinen.

Being local is an important value for Lexia also as an employer. Originally founded in Helsinki, Lexia expanded to Turku in 2017. Today it employs more than 70 experts at its offices in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku.

“We want to give our employees an opportunity to work where their heart is. At Lexia, you choose to live and work at a place that fits you best, even if our customers are located in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, or around the world. We are currently looking for new employees and business partners in Tampere, “says Samuli Koskela.

Additional information:
Samuli Koskela, CEO of Lexia, tel. +358 40 5888 323, [email protected]