Growth Academy 15 June 2020: Lease or not to lease?

Lease office space or not

Thinking of leasing an office space for your business? Do you know what to look for and possible risks involved in a commercial lease?

Join us in our webinar and panel discussion on Monday 15 June 2020 at 10-11.

Renting for commercial property feels like, and it is, a major commitment. On the 15th June, our leasing of residential and commercial properties expert Annika Luhtanen will walk you through the basics of leasing a commercial office space.

Annika will go through the key questions to ask, key clauses to look out for and what to consider before signing the lease agreement.

After Annika’s presentation we will host a discussion on the future of leasing commercial office space with Jussi Söderlund, CCO of Innovation House Finland and co-founder of HUONE Events Hotel. Our aim is to give you insight on the future of office culture. Will coronavirus change working culture for good? Or will it emphasize the meaning of working together and exchanging ideas on the spot – without having to ask: “can you hear me?”.

If leasing a commercial space is relevant for your company now or will become relevant in the future, this is the webinar to join!

Please note that the presentations are in Finnish but you can of course ask questions in English.

Register to the webinar here!