Growth Academy webinars spring 2021 – recordings and materials

non-competition clauses in employment contracts and SHA

During spring 2021, we held three one-hour Growth Academy webinars on burning topics and interesting issues related to Finnish legislation. The Growth Academy webinars offer a free and easy way for a busy startup entrepreneur to get on the scope of the legal stuff that might affect your business.

Watch all recordings and download the materials from webinars held during spring 2021 below.

We will continue hosting webinars after summer, so remember to stay tuned for more!

Non-competition clauses in employment contracts and shareholders’agreements / 4 June 2021 / FI

Non-competition clauses are a well-known provision found in employment contracts and shareholders’ agreements. When do you need to use it and how does it work? Finland’s government has released a proposal that employers in Finland would be required to pay a compensation to departing employees during any non-compete period imposed on them. The new rules would take effect at the beginning of 2022. In this one-hour webinar Tomi Tanskanen will raise key points about non-competition clauses in employment contracts and shareholders’ agreements. He will also go through the proposed changes to the Finnish legislation.

Employee incentives and taxation / 31 March 2021 / ENG

For startups it can be tough to recruit top talents without breaking the bank. In this one-hour webinar we went through the key points about employee incentives’ implementation and taxation.

Don’t Mess With Personal Data / 25 February 2021 / ENG

Processing personal data is a crucial part of the business in health and wellness companies. During 2020 data protection authorities made many important decisions and gave instruction related to data protection obligations such as the use of cookies, information obligations and transfers of personal data outside the European Economic Area. Watch Markus Myhrberg and Ville Kukkonen go through decisions, guidelines and what can we learn from the recent cases.